Monday, 23 January 2012


Sometimes one just needs a short break from the daily grind to get just sit quietly and spend some time on makes one's thoughts clearer and one is able to look at things in the right perspective.....

The Owl went for a short reprieve to a small seaside resort nearby...spent a day just lying in a hammock..thinking about life and just let the mind empty itself of all problems/worries.....felt good to spend a day at a slow things to be done...just catch up with my own thoughts....

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Street (Elephant) Art

The Owl along with the owlets had gone to town last week and saw some interesting stuff there.... these elephants on display all over town. Various artists have designed and painted them and they do add an eye catching break to the monotony of the cityscape!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gearing up for Christmas....

Last week the Owl and owlet went to Orchard road to shop and discovered that the streets are all ready for the Owl made use of the opportunity to click photos.....Christmassy...but without cold and snow it really doesnt seem a lot like Christmas!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Photo opportunity:

Actually I am more fond of people (some) than objects, but there are a few thingies that I really looove….like my ifone, and I enjoy taking random pictures at any time/place, at the cost of looking like an ‘ullu’ to the people around me…

Recently I was in Chandigarh, and as there are so many gardens nearby, thought it’s a good idea to go for a walk early in the morning! Here is a pic I clicked on one such walk in the Bougainvillea Garden, one of the numerous gardens that are scattered all over the beautiful city.

The subject posing for me is my favorite tree: the Gulmohar, in its orange floral glory, and a bench! (could’nt find any other willing subjects for an impromptu photo opportunity at that unearthly hour)

I did manage to find another subject, though this one was not so willing. There was a dog who decided that he wanted to be my companion for the walk…though a bit shy, as he walked a few paces behind me all the time. I tried to cajole him to walk along with me, but he continued to behave as the bashful bride and followed me a few steps behind…..shying away from being photographed (in true blue olden times dulhan style). I did manage to take these pics of the shy fellow:


           When I am in Chandigarh next, will surely go for a walk in the hope of         
          seeing my furry friend again….

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Thursday Challenge: Creative

This is a patchwork collage made by my friend Charu when we both were living in a hostel (med school)….and the interesting thing is that each piece of cloth used for this collage reminds me of something…my ‘lucky’ suit (salwar kameez) that I wore for all my final year exams, another piece of cloth is from the suit that both of us wore as it was our common favourite…and many more.
Just looking at it hanging on the wall in my room (in my Dad’s house) takes me back in time……

Books: (and bookshelves)....bring them on….

People, you haven’t known me for very long, so let me tell you a fact about myself: I love books. I mean reading them of course, but also having them physically present all around me! The hubby invariably has an argument with me whenever I add yet another bookshelf to any available corner in the house (and by the way, it’s a small house!)

I think it’s a deep rooted psycho stuff related to my childhood. Being an absent minded Professor’s daughter, one (or even 2) rooms in any house we lived in over the years were always converted to a ‘study’…no matter if we sisters had to share a bedroom, but the ‘study’ just had to be there.
Also, I remember having to help transport Dad’s books from one study to another, as and when the venue shifted….which translated to my developing an obsession for having books all around me to make me feel comfortable! (don’t know what the psychology books will have to say about this fixation)

In winter (this was the sub zero temperatures in Amritsar), Dad used to have another option for a ‘study’: the long-suffering Ambassador, as it was the coziest place to sit, read and have chai in…and snooze…………….:)

Aah…the lovely days of childhood….hello hubby, when am I going to get my ‘study’? Hmm, maybe as soon as one of the kids moves out into a hostel I can see my dream coming true…

Btw: now that my Dad lives alone, he has converted every room in his house into a study with books all over….in the dining/living/bedrooms and of course in the 2 official ‘studies”!!