Saturday, 29 October 2011

Owl’s calligraphy…

Yesterday a colleague told the Owl that her handwriting is good…..and it reminded the Owl of the reason behind it…….convent schools!

Those times, when you did anything ‘wrong’, the standard punishment was: write 100 times “I will not talk in class”, or “I will improve my handwriting”, or another one “I will not forget to do my homework in future”….and so on………More time was spent in completing these punishments than on the actual homework!!

No wonder anyone who has studied in an Indian convent school has a good handwriting (but no takers for that any more in this age of the keyboard!)


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Anti climax for the Owl!

Last week I took one of the owlets to Orchard road (it’s a popular shopping place if you are not familiar with Singapore!) for a shopping trip (this particular owlet is always ready to shop for clothes, while the other one is never ready for this activity!). But actually I had a hidden agenda: to see this much talked about hoarding….of a sexy guy in a provocative dress (undress!).

Well, well, I must say it was like “khoda pahad nikla chuha”…… I think we see more skimpily dressed people on the streets of the city everyday, so what is the big deal about this poor guy? I am surprised that some people still have such a prudish attitude to things these days, given that there is so much more going on around us besides dressing decorously on the streets.

And it’s not even a real guy…just an ad……

Post script: crossed the same street today, and noted that it has been taken down, for renovation they say J!!

At times ‘owl’/other times ‘ullu’:

Hi people, assuming there is anyone out there who is listening to me…welcome to my space. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, but was hesitant…not sure if I would be eloquent enough to put across my thoughts to others.

Well, I have finally taken the plunge and here I am….taking a first step into the blog world (never mind that I am a jaded 40+ woman who has seen it all, or nearly all!). I do feel a bit apprehensive of opening up my personal thought/beliefs for all to see….but now that I am here, I hope among the strangers I will find some friends…

Somehow I have always had an affinity for the “Owl” and I remember that the first ‘owl’ statue I bought was in 1990 in Germany in a Sunday market (I sailed on a ship plying to Europe, for nearly 2 that’s another story!). Its easy for me to identify with the creature as at this stage in my life I am essentially wise (or assume to be), but to my surprise sometimes I can be quite na├»ve too (that’s my “ullu” side showing at those times), so all in all I think it depicts my personality well!

Well, that's enough for a start...hope I soon have the courage to open up with my thoughts and share my viewpoint with the world.....