Friday, 11 November 2011

Photo opportunity:

Actually I am more fond of people (some) than objects, but there are a few thingies that I really looove….like my ifone, and I enjoy taking random pictures at any time/place, at the cost of looking like an ‘ullu’ to the people around me…

Recently I was in Chandigarh, and as there are so many gardens nearby, thought it’s a good idea to go for a walk early in the morning! Here is a pic I clicked on one such walk in the Bougainvillea Garden, one of the numerous gardens that are scattered all over the beautiful city.

The subject posing for me is my favorite tree: the Gulmohar, in its orange floral glory, and a bench! (could’nt find any other willing subjects for an impromptu photo opportunity at that unearthly hour)

I did manage to find another subject, though this one was not so willing. There was a dog who decided that he wanted to be my companion for the walk…though a bit shy, as he walked a few paces behind me all the time. I tried to cajole him to walk along with me, but he continued to behave as the bashful bride and followed me a few steps behind…..shying away from being photographed (in true blue olden times dulhan style). I did manage to take these pics of the shy fellow:


           When I am in Chandigarh next, will surely go for a walk in the hope of         
          seeing my furry friend again….