Wednesday, 26 October 2011

At times ‘owl’/other times ‘ullu’:

Hi people, assuming there is anyone out there who is listening to me…welcome to my space. I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog, but was hesitant…not sure if I would be eloquent enough to put across my thoughts to others.

Well, I have finally taken the plunge and here I am….taking a first step into the blog world (never mind that I am a jaded 40+ woman who has seen it all, or nearly all!). I do feel a bit apprehensive of opening up my personal thought/beliefs for all to see….but now that I am here, I hope among the strangers I will find some friends…

Somehow I have always had an affinity for the “Owl” and I remember that the first ‘owl’ statue I bought was in 1990 in Germany in a Sunday market (I sailed on a ship plying to Europe, for nearly 2 that’s another story!). Its easy for me to identify with the creature as at this stage in my life I am essentially wise (or assume to be), but to my surprise sometimes I can be quite naïve too (that’s my “ullu” side showing at those times), so all in all I think it depicts my personality well!

Well, that's enough for a start...hope I soon have the courage to open up with my thoughts and share my viewpoint with the world.....


  1. Hello dear sweet owl :)
    I have a friend who is a great collector of all kinds of owl figurines and pictures and what not. I ended up sketching an owl doodle for her too :)

    Read your posts and liked them all. Keep up...i want more of it :)

  2. Hi Sangeeta, thanks for your lovely comment and your presence here....was beginning to think nobody will ever read my blog......
    Well, get ready, as you will get more:)
    btw, i love your recipes...