Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Anti climax for the Owl!

Last week I took one of the owlets to Orchard road (it’s a popular shopping place if you are not familiar with Singapore!) for a shopping trip (this particular owlet is always ready to shop for clothes, while the other one is never ready for this activity!). But actually I had a hidden agenda: to see this much talked about hoarding….of a sexy guy in a provocative dress (undress!).

Well, well, I must say it was like “khoda pahad nikla chuha”…… I think we see more skimpily dressed people on the streets of the city everyday, so what is the big deal about this poor guy? I am surprised that some people still have such a prudish attitude to things these days, given that there is so much more going on around us besides dressing decorously on the streets.

And it’s not even a real guy…just an ad……

Post script: crossed the same street today, and noted that it has been taken down, for renovation they say J!!

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  1. yes, i dont understand wht the big deal about the whole thing is either