Saturday, 29 October 2011

Owl’s calligraphy…

Yesterday a colleague told the Owl that her handwriting is good…..and it reminded the Owl of the reason behind it…….convent schools!

Those times, when you did anything ‘wrong’, the standard punishment was: write 100 times “I will not talk in class”, or “I will improve my handwriting”, or another one “I will not forget to do my homework in future”….and so on………More time was spent in completing these punishments than on the actual homework!!

No wonder anyone who has studied in an Indian convent school has a good handwriting (but no takers for that any more in this age of the keyboard!)



  1. very true ..
    and good to see your blog :)

    I think technology is making us forget it all. expecially my handwriting has gone for a six...


  2. I think handwriting is still important:)

  3. Hey people, thank you so much for reading my blog...i was beginning to think nobody is ever going to come here:)